Criminal Defense Attorneys for Murder Charges in Knoxville, Tennessee

Murder is actually a form of unlawful homicide which often involves a premeditated or pre-planned act. Murder is described as the intentional killing of another individual, with malice aforethought. The individual who commits murder could not have had a justifiable reason, such as self-defense. In Tennessee, murder may well be categorized as first degree or second degree. Murder may possibly also be charged for homicide which occurs during the commission of a felony offense, even if this was not planned or was not committed with malice aforethought.

Knoxville Criminal Lawyer for Murder Cases

Determined, aggressive criminal defense representation by a skilled lawyer is an absolute requirement in the face of murder charges. Murder is the most severe criminal offense that a defendant may be accused of committing. Even in states where the death penalty is not enforced, the accused may well face the federal death penalty in some severe cases.

Even though numerous cases involving unlawful homicide are not capital felonies, any murder conviction may result in the enforcement of such serious penalties as many years of or lifelong imprisonment, a sentence which can tear your family apart and alter your life permanently.

Knoxville Murder Defense Attorney

For Over 30 years, the Law Offices of Daniel and Daniel has been assisting clients throughout East Tennessee confronting serious criminal charges. Knoxville criminal defense attorney’s at The Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm, have dedicated their legal careers to criminal defense, The criminal defense  lawyers at Daniel & Daniel, P.C. know what to look for in terms of the prosecution’s strategy and will make use of their personal experience to work to foresee and act to counter their every move.

Knoxville murder defense attorneys Daniel & Daniel, P.C. have the expertise and knowledge to provide the legal counsel their clients need in the face of the most severe of charges.

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