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Manslaughter is a severe violent crime. Even though manslaughter most usually involves unintentional or accidental fatalities which originate from carelessness or recklessness, in Tennessee a defendant found guilty of this particular criminal offense may face several years in a state correctional facility. Fines, probation, restitution to the actual victim as well as other significant penalties may possibly be added, not to mention the fact that the actual offender will now have a permanent criminal record which can impact job, financial opportunities as well as his or her good name.

It is very highly recommended that you seek advice from a criminal defense attorney in the event that you or a loved one has been charged with manslaughter. You will certainly want to act quickly, because your rights and freedom are at risk from the time you are even accused of a criminal offense or are approached by law enforcement as a suspect in a criminal investigation. Together with early intervention and aggressive representation, it is probable that an lawyer can actually help avoid having formal charges filed at all.

Defending Manslaughter Charges in Tennessee

The Law Offices of Daniel & Daniel, P.C. will take on manslaughter cases for clients throughout East Tennessee from our offices in Knoxville. Regardless of whether your case consists of voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter or vehicular manslaughter charges, lawyers Todd and Jeff Daniel have the knowledge and expertise to help you deal with your problem. They have been assisting defendants in criminal cases for over a several years. The Knoxville criminal defense lawyers at Daniel & Daniel, P.C. possess extensive trial experience which enables them to provide their clients with the aggressive representation they need even in the face of the most severe charges

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