Juvenile Crimes

Defense for Juvenile Offenders in Tennessee

Knoxville Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

If your child has been arrested or even has been accused of a crime of any nature in Knoxville, TN it is essential that you do what you can to protect their rights and, most importantly, their future. Even though the juvenile justice system in Tennessee is meant to strive more at rehabilitation and treatment instead of punishment alone, there are still harsh penalties that may be enforced in the event that your child is convicted of a juvenile crime. These types of penalties may range from community service and counselling all the way to incarceration in the Tennessee Department of Juvenile Services.

Possibly the most disturbing thing about juvenile crime cases is that in some situations a child may be tried as an adult. These adult trials are usually saved for specifically serious and violent felony offenses, and the age of the child may also impact the decision to try the child as an adult.

How can an experienced Knoxville attorney help your child in the face of juvenile crime charges?

Becoming engaged as soon as your child is detained by law enforcement or is accused of a crime, a attorney experienced with the juvenile court system can intervene and protect your child’s rights. Of course results will certainly vary depending on the particular case, however a juvenile defense lawyer may be able to prevent having charges filed or may be able to keep your child from being tried as an adult. At the very least, a capable legal professional can help ensure that rehabilitation is the main focus of the case, rather than punishment.

Consult a Knoxville Juvenile Defense Lawyer.

Children make mistakes. Teens are even more easily influenced by peer pressure and are susceptible to influence by adults who themselves may not have made the right choices. Contact Knoxville juvenile defense attorney’s at The Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm, today to learn more about how you can protect your child’s future.