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Internet crimes include a myriad of crimes all involving the use of the internet to commit a crime. Both state and federal law enforcement agencies now have complete task forces to deal with crimes that are committed by means of the internet, because of to the continued increase in this kind of criminal activity through the years. As the internet gets to be all the more popular for conducting sales, financial and business transactions, it will become an more and more common way to commit fraud, theft and other severe offenses.

Knoxville internet crimes attorneys at The Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm, represents clients in all types of cases involving the internet and computers crimes, including:

Internet sex crimes (child pornography, luring a minor)
Stalking and harassment
White collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement)
Identity theft
Spamming, phishing and spoofing

Internet crimes and computer crimes are frequently extremely technical and might be difficult for an inexperienced attorney to take on. You will need to work with a legal expert who has the resources to allocate to work with experts in the field as well as to perform a thorough investigation into all elements of the prosecution’s case against you.

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The attorneys at The Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm, have been helping the accused in all types of serious criminal cases, using their comprehensive knowledge and commitment to provide them with the highest quality representation each and every step of the way. Never accept a plea bargain or settle for a deal, especially if this results in you facing any amount of imprisonment! Rather, consider your legal options and consult with a lawyer who can actually help you by asserting your constitutional rights and protecting your interests through the entire criminal court process.

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