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The field sobriety tests also know as FST's undoubtedly are a crucial component of proof in a state prosecutor’s Tennessee driving under the influence (DUI) case, however, many motorists don’t know that they could be also very beneficial to the DUI defense attorney. The prosecution will try to point out the difference between the way the police officer instructed an individual to perform the tests and how the accused individual executed the tests is evidence of a mental and physical impairment. Having said that, The Knoxville TN DUI defense attorney's at the Daniel and Daniel law firm can sometimes make use of the same fst's to demonstrate that the motorist had not been driving under the influence.

Field sobriety tests are utilized as circumstantial evidence to support the allegation of driving under the influence. Although field sobriety tests are optional, most law enforcement officers don’t advise drivers of that fact.

Three of these tests happen to be standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are the the walk and turn test, the one leg stand test along with the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. All these tests have been standardized simply because they include specific guidelines to follow.

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The actual driver’s alleged mental and physical impairment is at the center of each and every driving under the influence (DUI) prosecution. Forensic gurus acknowledge that alcohol ingestion could potentially cause both mental and physical impairment, however mental impairment without exception happens first.

A wide variety of conditions that have absolutely nothing to do with being under the influence of alcohol. could result in mental or physical impairment. Injuries or other medical conditions can impede a motor vehicle operators ability to execute the field sobriety tests as instructed. Exhaustion can also have an effect on the driver’s overall functionality, as can stress and anxiety. Having shoes on with heels may affect test results. Men and women who are overweight should not be given the FST's, and individuals over the age of 65 may have very poor sense of balance and should not be asked to execute the instructed exercises.

Finally, just about all of the field sobriety tests, even those that have been standardize by the NHTSA, are very subjective and may be successfully challenged regardless of how the motorist executed the field sobriety test, a skilled Knoxville DUI defense attorney can certainly argue that the overall performance issues were due to elements not related to alcohol use.

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