Just how much can I anticipate paying for a qualified DUI lawyer in Knoxville, TN?

Criminal defense lawyers typically charge some sort of, flat rate fee for a pretrial retainer instead of charging on an hourly basis similar to what some civil attorneys do. Many charge a upfront fee that creates a , credit or retainer fee which is billed against by an hourly rate; nevertheless, the majority of retainers basically take care of everything needed except for trial, you are very likely to pay $3000 to $6000 if you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor first offense DUI, depending on the location and the attorney's reputation. You can expect to pay as much as $15,000.00 dollars for a 1st offense Tennessee DUI charge for many highly recognized DUI defense lawyers who do a lot of advertising.

Be careful when choosing a qualified Tennessee DUI defense attorney beware of "dump truck attorneys" A term used when a attorney plea's virtually all their clients guilty,  in most cases and if you choose wisely their are plenty of good Knoxville DUI defense attorneys that will charge you between $3,500 to $5,000 that will do just as good of a job as most that charge a lot more! Should you have more than one prior DUI convictions, you are very likely to be charged substantially more, possibly $7,500 to 12,500 or perhaps even more depending on the number of prior convictions.

Never hire a lawyer or firm that does not provide you with a free consultation or who will not take the time to speak with you personally about your case. If you are interviewed by a non-lawyer whom seems to be a lot more like a salesman rather than a attorney, you can be prepared to experience precisely the same less than professional mind set from that law firm during your whole entire drunk driving case. Any good DUI defense attorney worth his or her salt will never allow a initial non-attorney interview with you and they will always be available or have one of their well trained associate attorneys to personally try your case if it goes to trial.

Tennessee DUI cases are complex be sure you hire the right Knoxville, TN DUI defense lawyer!

Should you or some one you know have been arrested and charged with a DUI or any other Tennessee criminal matter you should contact one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys for a free case review today!