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Domestic violence pertains to criminal acts that involve violence or even abuse involving family members or cohabitants. Husbands and wives, ex-spouses, individuals in a relationship or parents who have a child together may possibly all be covered under Tennessee’s domestic violence law. Although often physical in nature, domestic violence may also include psychological abuse, neglect, child endangerment or sexual abuse.

Knoxville domestic violence lawyers at The Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm, are very experienced in handling cases involving domestic violence. The Knoxville domestic violence attorneys at Daniel & Daniel, P.C. thoroughly understands both sides of domestic violence cases in Tennessee. Combine this to their extensive experience in criminal defense and their well-earned reputation as a hard-hitting trial attorneys, and you have a team of criminal defense lawyers who is a force to be reckon with in any domestic violence case.

Why are Tennessee Domestic Violence Cases So Serious?

One essential aspect that often sets domestic violence charges apart from other criminal offenses is the inescapable fact that the state may well press charges even if the victim does not want to follow through with a criminal case. Not only are domestic violence cases fully investigated and prosecuted by law enforcement and the state’s prosecuting attorneys, these types of offenses are also often much easier to fabricate. A individual may make an untrue or exaggerated statements against a person, and this may rapidly escalate to a full-blown criminal case because of law enforcement’s desire to make an criminal arrest and follow through with a case.

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Make absolutely no mistake, domestic violence is a severe problem that ought to be addressed as soon as possible. Victims deserve all the proper protection the legal system has to provide. Nevertheless, this must not result in an infringement of a accused constitutional rights, particularly when the allegations are untrue.