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Expungement is a legal procedure by which a criminal record could possibly be sealed or removed, bringing a individual peace of mind and independence in their future opportunities. Having a criminal record can significantly impede your ability to acquire a job as well as to get certain loans. By working with a attorney and proceeding through the expungement process, nevertheless, you have the opportunity to get the clean start you deserve.

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s a simple fact that certain people are also wrongfully accused of and convicted for criminal offenses. The justice system enables convicted offenders as well as those with criminal records to get relief by means of expungement or a criminal appeal. Although an appeal must be filed within a specific amount of time following the conclusion of a case, generally there are specific requirements to expungement that must be met to qualify:

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With extensive experience in criminal defense and the clearing or sealing of criminal records, Knoxville expungement lawyers Todd and Jeff Daniel may be able to help you. They offer a free initial consultation to help you to better understand your options and whether you may qualify for expungement.

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