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Burglary is definitely a severe crime that may be charged as a felony in Tennessee. This kind of crime is committed whenever a person enters into a residence, business or other property with the purpose of committing a criminal offense. Possibly even if the offender does not actually commit the crime for which he or she entered the property, he or she may still be found guilty of committing burglary. If convicted of armed burglary or felony burglary, a defendant may face up to many years in state prison, or possibly probation depending upon the particular case.

Often referred to as breaking and entering, burglary may possibly also involve other violent offenses such as assault and battery or murder if an individual is harmed during the act.
No matter the specific circumstances of you or your loved one’s burglary charges, it is absolutely vital that you consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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The Knoxville, TN criminal defense lawyers at the Daniel and Gains Law firm offers a free initial consultation to examine your legal matter. With their numerous years of experience, Knoxville, TN burglary defense lawyers at the Daniel and Gains Law Firm have the diverse experience and substantial legal knowledge that will best serve to protect their clients’ interests all the way through the criminal process.

In representing defendants confronting burglary charges, The Knoxville criminal defense attorneys at Daniel and Gains will not only look to actual physical evidence and witness testimony but will also set out to exhibit that the defendant did not enter into the property with the motive of committing a crime. At times, the accused may face burglary charges even when there is no physical evidence that would prove that he or she entered the property with the intent on committing a criminal offense of some sort. In weakening the prosecution’s case, The lawyers at Daniel and Gains may be able to help their client eliminate a conviction completely.

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