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If you have been accused with an assault and battery, your future may be on the line. You may be looking at probation or imprisonment, depending upon the particular circumstances of your case. In addition to possibly leading to the loss of your employment and damaging your reputation, a conviction for assault and battery in Tennessee may have long lasting consequences on your ability to obtain a job as well as your personal and professional relationships.

As a well-respected and skilled Knoxville criminal defense lawyers, The attorneys at the Daniel & Daniel, P.C. Law Firm may be able to help you. They have several years of legal experience in this field and are ready to put their resources and his expertise to work for you. The Knoxville attorneys at Daniel & Daniel, P.C. constantly act as a strong advocate for their clients’ rights, leaving no stone unturned as they investigate their charges and works to put together the best defense possible. The firm takes on cases throughout Knoxville and the surrounding areas in East Tennessee and offers a free initial consultation to discuss your particular assault and battery charges.

About Assault and Battery in Knoxville, TN

In Tennessee, there are two ways in which assault and battery may be committed. The first is intentional assault and battery, which involves the willful touching or striking of another individual against their will. The second form, reckless assault and battery, refers mostly to accidental or unintentional actions that stemmed from recklessness or negligence.

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Defending assault and battery charges requires a great deal of legal knowledge as well as persistence and aggressive legal strategies. Some viable defenses may include: self-defense, consent, necessity or accidental contact. The lawyers at Daniel & Daniel, P.C. can review your particular case to determine which may apply to your situation.