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Our Founder W. Zane Daniel (1939-2006)

The tradition of providing excellent criminal and injury legal representation lives on.

Knoxville DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer and Tennessee Personal Injury Attorneys, Here to Help.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for any type of criminal offense, your selection of skilled DUI criminal defense lawyer will make a important impact in the final result of your case.

The attorneys at Daniel and Gaines are well-known and well-respected criminal defense attorneys located in Knoxville, Tennessee. having over 50 years of combined legal experience and a practice devoted to criminal defense, The attorneys at Daniel and Daniel have the expertise and the resources to properly address any type of criminal case.

The criminal defense lawyers at Daniel and Gaines are tough, aggressive and experienced criminal trial attorneys. their defense of the accused has been showcased locally by newspapers and on tv stations across the state. they have personally handled hundreds of cases, ranging from intricate murder charges to first-time drunk driving or drug possession.

The Knoxville, TN lawyers at Daniel and Gaines have handled hundreds of criminal cases in almost every court in Tennessee, having represented persons charged with almost every crime on the books. below are just a few of the type of criminal cases we handle.

● First Degree Murder
● Aggravated Rape
● Child Pornography
● Assault and Battery
● Drug Crimes Cocaine and Marijuana Trafficking
● Federal Crimes
● Burglary
● Motor Vehicle Homicide
● Drunk Driving / DUI
● Theft Crimes
● Misdemeanor Crimes
● Domestic Violence
● Juvenile Crimes
● Manslaughter
● Fraud Crimes
● Expungement
● Sex Crimes

Experienced Legal counsel for Criminal & Personal Injury Cases in Knoxville.

With many high profile jury trials and several successful case results to there credit, the attorneys at Daniel and Gaines possesses the experience and skill to help you whether you have been accused of a crime or injured through the negligence of another. At the Daniel and Daniel law firm our lawyers work hard to maximize the amount of your recovery you obtain to compensate you for your injury related medical bills, suffering and pain, damage to property and lost income or wages.

We represent clients injured in all types of auto accidents, or injury including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Dog Bite Victims
  • Work related Accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • School bus accidents
  • Public transportation accidents

Defending the Rights of Individuals in Knoxville and Throughout Tennessee

In addition to helping clients in Knoxville, the attorneys at Daniel and Gaines takes on cases throughout Knox, Louden, Sevier, Blount, Anderson, Union, Granger, Jefferson, Roane and Campbell County. The firm offers an initial consultation free of charge and handles virtually any type of case involving a criminal offense in City, state or federal court. With a zealous approach to clients’ criminal cases, the Knoxville, TN criminal defense lawyers at Daniel and Gaines will not easily settle for a “deal” particularly when that involves jail time for there client. They will fight in order to to secure the best possible outcome for each and every criminal case the firm takes on.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI or any other criminal offense in Knoxville or the East Tennessee area, contact a DUI criminal defense attorney at Daniel and Gaines. We understand you are very concerned about your situation and the seriousness of your charges. One of our Tennessee criminal defense lawyers at our firm will be happy to meet with you at your convince and determine how best to defend you and how to resolve your case without you going to jail. With our extensive knowledge of the law and the criminal legal system, we are your best choice for your DUI or other criminal defense maters throughout the Knoxville, Maryville and Sevierville, TN and Eastern Tennessee areas.